Volunteering at McLean Homeschool

Required Volunteer Participation

The participation of a parent from each family is a vital contribution to our community.
Our volunteer requirements are listed below:

While parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on the classes at any time:

• A parent from each family is required to attend the first two classes in September, to learn about our teachers, how the classes operate and monitor the interaction of their child(ren) with other students in the group.

• A parent from each family will be responsible for attending classes for one month. You may volunteer for Tuesday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings, and/or Thursday afternoons for one month (October, November, January, February, March, April, and May). We will set aside a lunchroom or study hall for the use of families with younger siblings. A parent may be on-site to provide assistance to our group as well as tutoring their younger children in our lunchroom or study hall during their month. (Elementary/Middle School parents would likely gravitate to the Wednesday classes while High School parents would attend Tuesday and/or Thursday classes). The need for parental presence in the classrooms cannot be understated. We are homeschooling parents in partnership with the teachers we employ, and even more important is the need for a parent or parents to be on hand should there be an emergency.

In addition, each family is required to volunteer their talents in planning or assisting in an activity for our group. Our community's talents have, in the past, produced a monthly electronic newsletter (Mindsweep), provided organization and oversight for standardized testing, planned monthly birthday celebrations, hosted several community building socials, collected donations for Christmas gifts to our teachers, proctored National Latin Exam, coordinated fundraisers, provided oversight for yearbook development, scheduled a professional photographer for individual portraits & class pictures, and much more. We are very open to hearing ideas that generate from your family’s strengths and interests.

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